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MHS Crane & Demag IDAPSY Software

You’ve purchased your Demag crane, excited and ready to put it to work—but then you think about the maintenance and the costs that are associated with keeping your crane in top shape. You need to ensure your operations run smoothly and the only way to do that is to provide regular maintenance with people you can trust. You’ve heard the term IDAPSY, but you’re not quite sure what it is or why it’s important to ensure the technicians you trust to fix your machine are familiar with Demag’s IDAPSY software.

Here’s the lowdown on what it is, and, why it’s important your service & repair company is certified.

IDAPSY is a software, short for Inspection Diagnostic Application System. This software has been implemented into Demag’s hoists and cranes since 2004 to help diagnose and troubleshoot any issues your machine is having.

How do you know your Demag crane is equipped with this diagnostic tool?  Simple—there is an LCD screen above your control pendant and radio transmitter that displays warnings, error codes and has the option to choose between US and metric units. IDAPSY helps track your machine’s operating times and cycles, helping you receive service reminders to keep your crane in top condition, with minimal down time.

What’s the big deal behind your repair company offering certified IDAPSY technicians? Material Handling Systems, Inc. is a qualified Demag dealer partner—meaning we earned the ADVANCED IDAPSY license directly from Demag. By taking their certification course, we attained the knowledge and ability to work on Demag’s cranes and machinery. Our technicians are able to quickly diagnose and optimize your crane or hoist, preventing premature wear and tear. By mastering the computer monitoring system on Demag cranes, our technicians become the trusted experts you can turn to, no matter the circumstances or urgency. Our certified technicians help save you stress, time, and money, giving you peace of mind knowing your machines are in safe hands.  As a an Advanced IDAPSY authorized service center, MHS offers top service for your cranes—our techs can install travel limits, warning devices and make other changes to ensure  your crane and hoist operate at maximum efficiency.

Want to learn more about IDAPSY and how we can help give your crane an efficiency boost? Contact us here!