Crane Modernization

Your business evolves–your equipment can, too.

We offer crane modernization services that include changing span measurements or replacing weather damaged components. Below is a full list of all our modernization services.

  • Modernization Services
  • Equipment updates
  • Span Measurements Change
  • Replacing Defective / Weather Damaged Components

How it works

Our crew will take down the crane and transport it to our warehouse to strip and rework the unit. A fresh coat of paint and new capacity and warning labels later, and you have a seemingly brand new crane.

The crane will be rewired after it has been cleaned and repainted.

To ensure the bridge, trolley, and hoist functions work properly, the crane will undergo a series of functional tests in our facilities. The system will be reinstalled once the system passes a total quality control check. If requested by the customer, a load test can also be performed at the customer’s location.

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