Safety training is an essential component of streamlined production and workflows. We provide diverse courses for a variety of environments, ensuring your team is adequately prepared to handle any circumstance.

Forklift/Manlift Fundamentals Training:

Forklifts/ Manlifts can tip over, fall off ramps, drop loads and trap people.

Our Fundamentals Training Program teaches forklift operators how to avoid accidents by helping them:

  • Understand forklift design, controls and instruments
  • Conduct a comprehensive pre-use inspection
  • Understand forklift stability factors

Rigging Equipment Training:

Rigging is used by connecting lifting power to a load. The right tools and techniques must be utilized to ensure safety and success of operation.

Our Rigging Equipment Training Program covers important information on rigging procedures and safety, including:

  • Types of rigging available
  • Common materials used in rigging
  • Methods to set up a sling and attach it to a load

Mobile Crane Training

Mobile cranes offer the same benefit as stationary cranes, but they operate in significantly different environments, exposing your team to greater risks.

Our Mobile Crane Training Program will teach you how to:

  • Perform Equipment Inspections
  • Use Safety Devices
  • Operate a Boom Crane
  • Utilize Proper Hand Signals

 Indoor Crane Training

Cranes come in all shapes, sizes and types, perform a multitude of jobs, and help increase productivity, making your job easier. However, using a crane improperly can cause breakdowns, premature wear, or fatal accidents.

Our Indoor Crane Training Program prepares your team to :

  • Prevent Accidents and Breakdowns
  • Inspect & Operate Power Hoist Equipment

An MHS Instructor will conduct the training at your location and provide booklets, videos, pencils, and additional materials needed for all training classes.

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