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OSHA provides strict guidelines for

material handling equipment maintenance and inspections.

OSHA regulates the compliance to safety standards provided for all companies and institutions that utilize material handling equipment in their operations, including the crane safety guidelines provided by¬† the Crane Manufacturer’s Association of America (CMAA).

As one of the only two members of the CMAA headquartered in Florida, we are dedicated to safety and strive to uphold CMAA and OSHA standards.

Benefits of Regular Inspection:

  • Decreased interruptions in production

  • Ensuring peak efficiency and extended equipment life

  • Addressing potential and costly equipment problems

  • Reduction of overhead costs for parts, lubricants and tools

  • Reduction of downtime by scheduled, routine maintenance

  • Accident prevention and safe operation through inspections and operator training

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    What to Expect During an Inspection:

    • Major component inspection compliant with our interpretation of OSHA regulations

    • Inspection of all brakes and required adjustments

    • Oil levels review and refills

    • System Greasing

    • Load Chain & Wire Rope inspection & lubrication

    • Electrical Control Review (contactors, transformers, and brake coils)

    • Inspection of the load hooks and latches

    • Runway support and structural connections inspection

    • List of OSHA non-compliant items

    • Inspection of bolted and welded connections

    • Minor adjustments to electrical and mechanical components( limit switches, control systems, brakes and trolley flange)

    • Operational tests through full range of functions

    • Detailed inspection report with attention items

    • Recommendations for repairs, spare parts inventory, and maintenance requirements


    Our technicians are trained and certified on OSHA, ANSI, ASME, and NTEA regulations.


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