Expert Guidance When You Need It

We aim to help you stay compliant with regulations and reduce potential equipment failures.

Our services are tailored to your operations, considering:

Marine industry experts on staff understand the complexities of material handling needs in outdoor environments. Our comprehensive selection of heavy duty and weather-resistant cranes guarantee the longevity of your equipment, regardless of environmental factors

Our maintenance programs take into consideration the mechanical and electrical design and operational use of your equipment.

Marine environments require different types of equipment. We make sure to optimize your equipment so its well suited for its environment.

As much as we’d like to think that all equipment has a great service history, that may not always be the case. Even if an older machine hasn’t been well maintained in the past, we’ll do our best to extend its durability.

Not all brands are created equal; manufacturers require different maintenance routines for their equipment. We’ll make sure your equipment gets the best program for its needs.

Regulations vary based on the machine as well as the facility and location. We take these factors into consideration to guarantee you’re compliant at all times.


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Biscayne Bay National Park

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club

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SeaVee Boats

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Marine Industry Best Equipment Types

  • Overhead Bridge Cranes

  • Jib Cranes

  • Heavy-Duty Conveyors

  • Forklifts

These machines are used in ports and recreational docks alike, used to lift boats out of water, load and unload freight containers and move heavy material.