Industries Served

Extensive experience and consideration of our customers’ unique needs allows us to work hand-in-hand with industries within the government, military, private, commercial, and industrial sectors.


Customers in the aviation industry count on us to design, engineer and repair essential machinery used in lifting and repairs of disassembled plane components.

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We understand the importance of maintaining production up and running. By offering manufacturers customized lifting and handling solutions, we help optimize their operations, reducing costs without sacrificing safety.

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Marble & Granite

From fabrication, storage and transport, we provide diverse handling machinery to ease workloads and minimize accidents in the workplace.

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Marine industry experts on staff understand the complexities of material handling needs in outdoor environments. Our comprehensive selection of heavy duty and weather-resistant cranes guarantee the longevity of your equipment, regardless of environmental factors

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Municipal / Government

Nearly five decades in business, we have helped build up the cities and communities to what they are today. Our teams are knowledgeable on strict municipal and federal regulations, ensuring our customers can get their jobs done.

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Our engineers combine years of experience and creativity to continuously offer out-of-the-box solutions to impossible problems for power plants and other energy industries.

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