Crane Kits

Damages happen, even to the best maintained equipment.

 We’ll never replace an entire system unless it’s absolutely necessary.That’s why we provide crane kits that contain all the essential components of a crane. Our goal is to continuously offer the best solution at the best possible price.

Crane Kit Parts

  • Top running/under running
  • Single girder/double girder
  • Machine and Hardened 6 inch end truck wheels for long life
  • Dual drive motors, one per end truck, with bridge speed, depends on application needed
  • 2 1/2 HP bridge motors.
  • Bridge Brakes as required by OSHA
  • Bumpers & Rail Sweeps
  • Lockable-Disconnect: Required by OSHA
  • Pendant Operated Mainline Disconnect: Additional safety measure which allows the operator to immediately disconnect power in case of emergency
  • Single Fused Transformer for All Controls: Prevents electrical feedback issues seen in separate hoist and bridge transformers.
  • End Truck Relays
  • Crane Mounting Frame for Control Box

Top Quality MHS Standard Hoist: Can be customized to customers’ needs

  • Single or Double Speed Controls
  • Mainline On/Off Switch: Control over momentary or complete stop
  • Pendant Wire
  • Strain Relief Cable
  • Grommets, Connectors & Hardware
  • Hardware & Brackets: For bridge crane installation, includes clamps, clips, brakes and assembly
  • C track type system with trolleys
  • Flat Festoon Cable: For greater control and power to the hoist
  • Hook Bolts (adjustable hook bolts facilitate future alignment)
  • Splice Plates
  • ASCE 25#
  • Rail
  • Wiring & Break Control System: Connectors, flex tubing, and conduit to run from control box to end truck motors
  • 16 AWG color coded and labeled Conductors

Prewiring System

  • Pendant Wiring
  • Terminating the festoon wires into the bridge control box
  • Terminating the festoon wires into the hoist
  • Wiring a power wire to connect to the collector show assembly
  • Terminating end truck wiring in control box (you would still need to connect the other end to the motors.)
  • Senior Fabricator: Offers expert support to your internal assembly team to ensure the installation is done properly
  • Full Crew: Prepares and performs installation for you. This is the no hassle, turn-key option
  • Motion Sensor Strobe Light:  Early warning of lifted load for safety
  • Separate Pendant Festoon: Gives operators ability to stay clear of long or large loads
  • Pendant Operated Horn: Recommended by OSHA as additional safety measure
  • Dual Power Collectors: Eliminate risk of phase loss and equipment malfunction
  • Remote Control with Extra Transmitter: Allows operators to control the system at a greater distance
  •  12in. Diam. End Truck Wheels: Offer greater support, resulting in reduced stress and extended system life
  • Multistep, Infinitely-Variable Speed on Bridge Control: Allows ramp speed to be programmed, reducing load swing
  • Variable Drive on Trolley and Hoists : Variable drives offer greater speed control for adequate load-weight handling, and can be set at your specific needs.
  • Electrical Regeneration Unit: Feeds excess power into the supply line. This saves up to 40% in electrical costs.

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