Crane Repairs

Picking a company to handle equipment repairs is a difficult choice.  It shouldn’t have to be.

There are plenty of other crane and material handling equipment companies out there that have been built on high standards.

We just deliver them at a fraction of the cost.

So why should you pick MHS?

Expert Technicians

The quality of technicians that work on your equipment is critical.

We don’t believe in replacing an equipment part until we know exactly WHY it failed. Our philosophy is to determine the root cause first, reducing further repair costs and downtime in the long run.

Knowledge on varying equipment makes and models is crucial to the success of our customers. Our technicians are trained and informed of all industry and equipment updates, so they know how to handle anything that gets in the way of your operations.

Personalized Care

Customers want the personalized attention small companies can provide, but need the experience and resources a large company offers. We’ve balanced the best of both worlds.

With us, you receive quality coordinators and technicians that understand your individual needs without the barriers of smaller companies.

We can handle multiple, large scale jobs without worrying about insurance limits and we’ve got the technical experience and manpower to get the job done. We will work with you to meet your goals on your terms; we want to be your business partner for life, not just a service provider.

Endless Support

Our staff is on-call 24/7, ensuring you get service when YOU need it. Our personnel are experienced, friendly and understanding of our customers.

No matter the obstacle, we will work with you to get you up and running. We have a long standing relationship with major brands, which enables us to source replacement parts and equipment quickly, all while offering you the most cost effective solutions.

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