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MHS Departments

Engineering Department

 Material Handling Systems, Inc., was built on the principal of helping companies solve unconventional problems that regular material handling equipment couldn’t handle. After 45 years in the industry, our team of engineers continue to think outside the box, building custom systems and finding real solutions for our customers.

Manufacturing Department

Our manufacturing department is made up of dedicated, expert fabricators that are responsible for turning our clients’ solution into a reality. Continuously optimizing our operations, we are always identifying new ways to increase productivity and efficiency. All our equipment is manufactured in the USA, based on the highest industry safety and quality standards.

Service, Repair & Inspection Department

Safety is a priority, especially in the material handling industry, where one malfunction can put employees in danger and result in significant damages and fines. Our technicians and inspectors have decades of experience and are constantly trained to identify potential hazards and help you prevent accidents. Our team is updated and certified on emerging technologies, so we are certified to provide OSHA inspections as well as repair work on over 25+ brands.


Our marketing team is responsible for communicating with our customers, from start to finish. They provide key touchpoints that are essential in identifying exactly what our customers need. The MHS marketing team also creates the appropriate internal and external channels that keep our staff in tune with our customers, all while keeping the rest of the MHS team aligned with our core values.


All industries are different, which is why our sales team is trained to identify each of our customers’ individual needs. We pride ourselves on being more than just an equipment and service provider; we are your business partner for life. Our sales personnel are consultants and guides, who actively listen and understand what our customers need. They collaborate with our team of engineers to find the best and most comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Human Resources

We believe in positivity, growth and learning. Our Human Resources department fosters a team-building environment because we understand that happy employees generate results. MHS is dedicated to finding the best candidate for each position so that we can better serve everyone who depends on our services.


We wouldn’t be able to provide competitive, below industry costs without our finance team. They collaborate with our vendors and distributors to maximize our clients’ investments. They provide strategic planning and risk management for our company that help drive growth-minded decision making.


Our customers provide global solutions, and we help keep it that way. Our international division is ready to help you with equipment and installation needs no matter the location.

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