Load Test

Material Handling Systems has many years of experience performing certified static and operational load testing for the following:

  • Overhead Crane
  • Jibs
  • Gantries
  • Monorails
  • Hoist

and an array of specialized equipment, including: turbine engines, single-stage tripod jacks, car lifts, doc levelers, ship stability, building, docks and many more.

Static Load Testing is comprised of a stationary overload load test, which is conducted to verify the structural and mechanical integrity of the lifting equipment.

Material Handling Systems has over 300,000 pounds of weight for dynamic load tests.

OSHA requires 125% dynamic load on all new systems. As well as systems that have had modifications to the load handling portion of the system (with the exception of the load chain or wire rope). A 100% load test must be performed at a minimum of every 4 years.

Prior to load testing, MHS will pre-inspect the unit to ensure the equipment is within safety standards.

Upon successfully completing a load test, a load test certificate will be issued. As well as a load test label affixed to the unit, we wlll also denote the date the system passed testing. Safety is always a priority for MHS; therefore, any equipment which fails testing will be withdrawn from service until any deficiencies noted are corrected. This is necessary in order to prevent failure of the equipment and the possibility of an accident.

Specialized Load Tests

Material Handling Systems also performs specialized load test that include the following specialized equipment:

  • Turbine Engines
  • Single-stage Tripod Jacks
  • Car Lifts
  • Doc Levelers
  • and many more.

MHS has the capability of manufacturing customized adapters in order to properly load test any specialized equipment.

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