Stone Mall, a premier granite and marble supplier, needed a reliable and high performing lifting system that would support 8-10 hours of daily use. Because they handle specialty items consisting of large, irregular slabs of expensive marble, stone and nano glass that weighs up to 1,000 lbs. each, Stone Mall requested an overhead system that would help minimize material loss and damage.


In 2017 we provided a 5 Ton bridge crane with a 5 Ton wire rope hoist, fully equipped with a UL508A approved control box. The crane runway spans 133 ft, properly sized for 20ft and 25ft between each column to provide added support and stability. To increase safety, the customer was given the option to add a mainline disconnect operated from the pendant, enabling the operator to disconnect power in case of a stuck power relay.
Stone Mall has reported greater efficiency, needing only one operator on the floor, and increased use of floorspace of their 30,000 ft warehouse.

Equipment Information:

Systems Type:
Top-Running Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Hoist Type: Wire Rope Hoist


  • One 5 Ton Crane
  • One 5 Ton Wire Rope Hoist

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