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5 Top Signs You Need Service and Repairs

No matter how you put your crane to use, maintaining  material handling equipment   in top condition is vital in order to keep up with compliance regulations and the overall safety within your facility.

Here are 5 signs you should look for to prevent unnecessary down time and potential injury for one of your valued team members:

    • Obvious corrosion on key parts—Rust can damage equipment quickly by deteriorating load capacity, especially on a machine that is used for lifting high tonnage loads. If you see corrosion on joints, screws, bearings or any other part of your crane, you need to call for service. One small, corroded screw or bolt could be the difference between normal operations and a serious injury for one of your staff members.
    • Worn out bumper pads, brakes or clutch on your machine lead to unsafe operating conditions because they become much more difficult to control and don’t stop when you need them to.
    • Small, loose parts may seem insignificant, but they’re an important component of your crane’s structure. These tiny bolts and rivets add the stability between larger crane parts and should be replaced if they aren’t keeping everything in proper alignment.
    • Dried out, frayed wire rope One of the most important parts of any crane is the wire rope that allows for steady mobility of loads. Ensuring your rope is well lubricated is essential to maintenance—get it serviced regularly and replaced if you see damages that could cause it to snap.
  • Hooks are perhaps the most recognizable crane component—ensure your crane’s hook isn’t bent or damaged after each load. A bent hook could lead to a load that isn’t properly balanced and could cause it to crack and break in the future.


If you notice signs above, it might be time to call a specialist to inspect and repair your crane in between compliance inspections. Call us at 1-888-4-A-HOIST to speak to one of our expert coordinators.