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Hoist and Winch Maintenance Safety Tips

Hoists and winches, like any other material handling equipment, require consistent maintenance to ensure safety and optimized functionality. Take into consideration the type of material or loads you’ll be moving; if you’re using a heavy duty machine to move heavy or uneven materials, maintaining the stability of your cargo during movement should be top priority.  Approximately 25% of all winch accidents are fatal. A malfunction of the gears or snap of a cable could leave you and your company responsible for severe injury and costly penalization.

You should follow your manufacturer’s routine maintenance instructions on a daily basis, but our expert technicians compiled some additional tips based on years of experience that will help keep your team safe and your equipment in top condition.

  • Conduct regular hoist maintenance and load testing so you know exactly what your hoist can handle.
  • Going over designated operation time adds strain on the equipment; buy a machine based on your specific needs to ensure extended equipment life.
  • Keep up with appropriate inspection schedules. Every material handling equipment has an OSHA regulated inspection requirement–we can help with that.
  • Clean wire ropes and remote controls regularly to remove dirt and debris; this helps prevent malfunction and ensures your winch or hoists starts and stops when it needs to.
  • Maintain regular lubrication schedules for your chain hoists. This helps prevent rust or damage from airborne particles.
  • Inspect winches and hoists before and after each use. If you noticed frayed or damaged wire ropes or chains, replace them immediately!


Regardless of your winch or hoist brand, some care best practices are universal and should be applied by every person that comes into contact with material handling equipment. Your team may not know how to properly care for the equipment they use on a regular basis, which is why we offer specialized training to help keep your facilities safe and compliant.