Customer Success Stories


Daher Aircraft, Inc.

Daher was in need of a customized overhead crane to aid in placing jet engines in fuselages, lift entire airframes off the ground and to test landing gear.

Click here to view their full customer case & portfolio.


Vortex Aviation

Vortex Aviation expressed interest in two 10T cranes to aid in the maintenance and repairs of turbine engines. They offer their customers emergency repairs, and needed a reliable lifting solution that can withstand upwards of 6,000 thousand pounds. Click here to view their full customer portfolio.


Stone Mall: Stone Supply Florida

Stone Mall needed a lifting system that would reduce material loss and efficiently mobilize giant slabs of marble and granite throughout their 16,000sqft facility. MHS provided a customized overhead crane capable of lifting up to 5T of material.

Metro Cabinets, Inc.

In our industry (granite), you would be crazy NOT to have an overhead crane system. It cuts down time, injuries and material loss. We’ve definitely seen a difference from when we had our installation done.

-Jason Bales

N.J - Facilities Engineering; Lockheed Martin, Greenville

I sincerely wanted to thank you for checking and researching for all of the information on the crane system we needed. Your company truly has an excellent filing system to be able to track the information back through so many years. I’m totally impressed. I will now give this information to the requesting department to determine if this gantry crane will work for their needs.

Palm Beach Tran

I have been dealing with MHS Crane for over two years. I have found them to be an efficient, well qualified company with excellent sales personnel. They’re always helpful, courteous and knowledgeable on all aspects of the services and equipment they provide. They communicate with us frequently to ensure we’re up to date on our repair and maintenance schedule. Their technicians are properly trained and get repairs done the first time with minimum down time.

-Eugene M. Bittecker

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