An importer of natural and exotic stone in South Florida, Nature of Marble required a material handling solution for their new facility. In 2014, they reached out looking for a reliable handling company with experience designing systems for clients in the marble industry.


 Our engineers collaborated with their team to ensure Nature of Marble received a lifting system that fit the facility and the needs of their staff. We designed a standard 5 Ton bridge crane with a 5 Ton wire rope hoist, complete with a turnkey installation. Each runway beam is 170ft, allowing the crane to operate throughout the entire facility. They also opted for OSHA required operator training and a bi-annual inspection plan to ensure safe operations and extended equipment life.

Equipment Information:

Systems Type:
Top-Running Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Hoist Type: Wire Rope Hoist


  • One 5 Ton Crane
  • One 5 Ton Wire Rope Hoist

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